The objective of the Institute

The purpose of the Institute ITT is the interaction between the university departments that use telecommunication telecommunication network of the University, conducting research and development work in telecommunications and integration of innovative telecommunications technologies in the system of scientific and research activities of the university.

The main tasks of ITT Research Institute are:

  • Preparation and planning processes of the NAU on information and automation.
  • Conduct fundamental and applied research, research and development work in accordance with scientific areas of the university.
  • Integration of innovative telecommunications technologies within the university.
  • Continuous analysis of systems of telecommunications services, identify and address deficiencies in their work, develop and implement solutions to improve their efficiency, reliability and performance, simplified maintenance, reduced cost of maintenance.
  • Expansion and improvement of multi-telecommunication network (hereinafter - MTM) design specifications (specification) for the design of reconstruction or repair and reception of the works.
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of corporate information management system NAU (hereinafter - Kisumu NAU).
  • Long-term planning of infrastructure and aircraft dispatcher training simulators (hereinafter - AtaDT) NAU taking into account current scientific and technological development, conducting research and development activities.
  • Providing advice and training users of information services MTM NAU.
  • Obhruntovuvannya standards of service in accordance with applicable law.
  • Monitoring process performance information and automation University.
  • Develop regulations for information and development of the university.
  • Providing information services to internal and external customers.

The main functions of ITT Research Institute are:

  • Organizing and conducting research on basic scientific directions.
  • Implementation of government programs of research and development activities literally on the plans of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Transport of Ukraine and other ministries and agencies, NAU.
  • Learning experience of relevant research institutions to collect information on current foreign and domestic achievements in the direction of professional activity.
  • Providing scientific and technical consulting services in all areas of its activity.
  • Development of organizational - administrative documentation on processes of information and automation of the NAU.
  • Organizing and conducting routine preventive maintenance and measures to ensure the working condition of a multiservice telecommunications network NAU.
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of the accumulation of experience in the application of information technology at the university.