International Internet teleconference


June 8, 2011 with technical support from ITT Research Institute conducted an international Internet teleconference between National Aviation University and Pacific State University.

General Theme: Spivrobinytstvo between Russia and Ukraine (National Aviation University, Kyiv, Pacific State University, Khabarovsk).

A. On new forms of cooperation

    update and extension of the Treaty on cooperation;
    joint educational programs.

2. Participation in joint projects.

3. About projects in online-mode.

    Internet research seminars;
    Internet exchange lectures between Todua and NAU.

4. On an international Internet-conference "Open evolving system" (Office of advance. Theory of fractals and its use. Problems of Education, etc.)

    Extension topic sections in accordance with the interests of participants.

In bridge participated:

On the part of the NAU, Kyiv:

    Kharchenko VP, Vice Rector for Research NAU, Ph.D., professor
    Azarskova VN, Director of Systems aerokosmpichnyh NAU, Ph.D., professor.
    Pavlenko PN, Ph.D., professor, deputy. director of scientific and methodological work Instytutuinformatsiyno and diagnostic systems NAU.
    Dubko VA, Professor of Department. Applied Mathematics, Physics and Mathematics Doctor, professor
    Klobukov V., Director, Research Institute of integrated telecommunication technologies.

From the side Todua, Kharkov:

    Shalabanov S., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
    Eremin EL, Vice Rector for Research, Professor
    Podhayev AG, Head. department. Higher Mathematics Math Professor
    Karachanskaya EV Assoc. department. Higher Mathematics Ph.D., Associate Professor