Moodle system of distance learning

Research Institute of Integrated Telecommunication Technologies (ITT Research Institute) provides technical service support Moodle in the National Aviation University.
Moodle - is a free web application that allows you to create websites for online learning.
Moodle (online learning management system) allows teachers to create their own private websites to fill ix dynamic courses that extend learning at any time, in any place. This system is easy and convenient to use. Moodle interface runs on desktop and mobile devices. This service everybody, as well as staff and students of NAU have the ability to remotely study subjects and courses that interested.
The main advantage of distance learning over the ocular form is, above all, its convenience: the student chooses the time and place for learning, which allows him to work or study in parallel to a hospital in another city or even country. In addition, the replacement of summaries of electronic resources and the latest teaching methods and constant consultation with the teacher providing this form of self additional advantages over other forms.
Access to the service in Moodle Nau is located at
More information about the system can be found on the site