Research and development work

System of automatic remote control and accounting (Sadok).



Within the national strategy to reduce energy costs and to implement Section 5 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 17 December 2008. № 1567-r "On the application of energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. ITT Research Institute, Inc - Installer heating system was set up automatic recording and remote control (Zadok). 

Electronic Document Management System is designed to create conditions essential to improve the quality and speed of decision-making.


EDS iTs-Office is built on a platform of IBM Lotus Notes / Domino. The system includes a database: "Structure", "Dictionaries", "range", "Templates," "Counterparts," "The Office", "Address", "Documents", "Contract," "Meeting," "Travel" "Power of Attorney", "Tasks", "Order," "Reconciliation" and etc.

Climate control vocal


Pryznachennnya system for voice warning employees about the situation in the Extraordinary atomatychnomu mode.
The system is based on telephone software Asterisk, a graphical Web interface for management reports. Possible warning for working, mobile and home phones, depending on the time of the situation and other criteria. Grouping messages and opovischuyemyh people.
In addition to emergency notification system can vykorytsovuvatys for voice notification of other events to monitor networks, servers, supervised facilities and other critical situations.

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