Research Institute of Integrated Telecommunication Technologies (SRI ITT) offers telecommunications services to employees and departments of the university as well as other citizens and organizations. These services include:
Access to the Internet using a proxy server
Proxy servers (servers, brokers) are used to organize a local area computer network to the Internet.
VPN-connection is used to orhanizatsiyiyi virtual channel connection (tunnel) inside the network. It organized a virtual private network (VPN-Virtual Private Network) with its own address space.
Corporate email
Email is the most popular and convenient way of delivering information. Using e-mail may send a test and different data - electronic files, audio, video files of various types.
WEB - server
WEB - server
League: ElitOnline
Service use the search engine "League: ElitOnline" in configuration: - automatic translation of anhlyysku and Russian language - order copies of the State Register.
DialUp - connection
With this service, staff and students of NAU can use the Internet from your home computer. This service supports the CallBack, so you do not have to pay for using the phone line while using the Internet. To use the service must have a modem for dial-up telephone lines, and you need the login and password to log into the network. For mozhlyvistIn using the service, please contact. In the ITT Research Institute, Building 1, Room 332.
IP telephony
The system enables the integration of IP telephony in a single space of voice services (telephone calls, teleconferences, voice mailboxes, PDA, address book) as well as data services, video picture.
Wi-Fi network NAU
Bezprovodna NAU network (Wi-Fi - Network) allows employees and students of NAU NAU connect to NTP, and receive all services KTM NAU, as well as access to global Internet network without connecting to provodnyh channels.