VPN-connection is used in case you need to access not only to the web-Internet resources, but also to other resources - such as external mail systems, online news (Usenet), video conferencing, Telnet, as well as in the case if the unit has own dedicated server for internet access and there is a need to have this real server ip-address. (Naprikladb when placed on the server web-server unit, e-mail server unit: or in other cases). Scheme of connection to the Internet through a VPN - connection is shown in the figure below.


ITT Research Institute offers two types of VPN-connections:
the provision of real IP-address - when for dedicated server pvdrozdilu must have a real IP-address. In the case of primary tsmu ​​diyiyi to protect user information assigned to a server that uses the service;
without real IP-address - when connecting personal computers and servers, when the real address for work is not necessary. In this case access to the Internet is conducted with the help of NAT (Network Address Translation), which provides additional features to protect user information.